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It's that time again...

Time to pass around the donation hat (a size 89.90$ hat, to be precise). OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! (The consequences being accessing Elowel via it's IP address,, instead of the domain name elowel.org). We have until 29 July.


Edit: Looks like we're going the paypal route (those of you in the Portland area can meet me in person, too). Send yo money to me and I promise not that much will go to hookers and blow. Balance so far: 37$

Avatar teh0mega *
05-02-11 12:08
selfcentered guy
wait what, it's 90 for a domain name? wtf?
Avatar prudence *
05-02-11 16:03
Since we have about 18 people who regularly use the site each would have to shell out $5. How long would this cover the domain name? A year?
Avatar l1ttlef1sh
05-02-11 16:54
elowel user
Where do we make our contribution?
Avatar chucho *
05-02-11 17:24
Breathe deep
For two years. Going down to one year puts it at 44.95$.
Avatar max *
05-02-11 20:46
cyber desperado
In part, it's that expensive because you're paying for domain registration and DNS hosting. You could eliminate the cost of the DNS hosting if you felt like self-hosting DNS, which isn't so hard but requires a certain amount of expertise and fortitude (or a pre-existing DNS server).

If you have trouble getting the money, even a couple dollars short, let me know.
Avatar zanna
05-02-11 21:00
gibts keine hier
I will chip in some small money! I could do $5 to help out elowel! Chucho, if we aren't already friends on facebook (if you have a facebook) then I will find you and we can talk details. :)
Avatar cinnamonlixx
05-03-11 07:52
lizz's journal
I could do $5 or so!
Avatar parcemihidomine
05-03-11 10:04
As others have queried, just let me know where to contribute to this cause and it shall be done.
Avatar chucho *
05-03-11 13:20
Breathe deep
There used to be a PayPal account for this, but I don't know who controls it. But I have a Paypal, so if people would feel not sketchy giving me Money, we can do it that way.

Or you can each snailnail me ~5$.
Avatar fraz
05-03-11 17:47
I'm down. leave some paypal details.
Avatar elowel
05-04-11 11:38
Ah Yaaa
I updated the post with my Paypal.

Max/Matt: I'm willing to try rolling our own.
Avatar betterbynow
05-08-11 00:08
I'm dirt poor right now but ill be chipping in soon. :)
Avatar a1rose
05-15-11 13:04
I could send a few bucks if you wish (i know I don't frequent, but I love coming back). I need the snail mail address though...
Avatar a1rose
05-15-11 13:04
Avatar betterbynow
06-11-11 20:44
So I'm super forgetful but I just sent dollars via teh paypalz.
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