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Yep, it's that time. $138.00 for 2 years (30 for domain registration, 108 for "Dyn Standard DNS" whatever that means).

I can cover it for now, but would really appreciate it if you guys could hit me back.

Update: I paid for one more year (75$). But if someone doesn't at least fucking comment I'm not paying it again.

Update 2: paypal: Sorry, took it down after I paid because I don't like leaving my email up on the web for rando creepers.

Update 3: Paul covered the cost in full. Thanks Paul!

Avatar elowel
07-20-15 21:39
Ah Yaaa
Y'all will be rewarded with a picture of my cat when this is done. (She's the cutest cat in the world).
Avatar elowel
07-27-15 13:57
Ah Yaaa
Well, no cat pictures for you. :(
Avatar betterbynow
07-28-15 15:53
I get paid on Friday. I can certainly help a little.
Avatar elowel
07-30-15 12:23
Ah Yaaa
That would be cool. Thanks.
Avatar betterbynow
07-30-15 13:04
Though I can only provide nominal financial assistance I would still like cat pictures please...
Avatar betterbynow
07-30-15 13:05
Also PayPal info or whatever pls.
Avatar effika
08-02-15 09:48
Prodigal Elowel User
Yes, list the PayPal, please.
Avatar cinnamonlixx
08-03-15 19:44
lizz's journal
Avatar elowel
08-04-15 16:47
Ah Yaaa
Added it back to the original post. I took it down after I paid because I don't like leaving my email laying around for rando creeper spammers.
Avatar schelly
08-12-15 23:19
Warrior Princess
Thanks Paul!! I was just looking back to contribute actually, since I'm quite grateful to still have this little space around.
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